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Trumpet TRUMPET and CORNET Adda 581 225 Eric Aubier: Musique Francaise for trumpet and percussion. Heptade (Jolivet), Les Gemeaux (Level), E.A. (Jolas) and Obsessions (Naulais) Amon Ra CD SAR 30 The Clarion Ensemble: Trumpet Collection. Cornetto, baroque trumpet, slide trumpet, keyed bugle, coach horn etc. 12 tracks by Monteverdi, Purcell, Scarlatti, Donizetti, Arban etc. Aurophon CDAU 031452 Bernhard Schmid: Concerts for trumpet & organ. Purcell, Krebs, Neruda and Schilling Bainbridge BCD 2048 Tutti's Trumpets. The 1957 recording re-issued BIS CD 152 Edward Tarr: with organ -Weiner, Martinu, Gershwin etc BIS CD 287 Hakan Hardenberger: The Virtuoso Trumpet. Music by Arban, Francaix, Tisne, Honneger, Maxwell Davies, Rabe and Hartmann. Candid 9003 Richard Williams: New horn in town. 7 tracks including I Can Dream, Can't I? and Raucous Notes Candid 9011 Benny Bailey: Big brass. 6 tracks including Hard Sock Dance and A Kiss to Build a Dream On Chandos CHAN 4526 Gordon Langford (cornet): Rhapsody for Cornet and Brass Band, Edward Gregson. Also Concerto for Tuba and Brass Band (John Fletcher) and Concerto for French horn and Brass Band (Ifor James, horn) (10.99 +p&p) CHAN 8357 James Thompson: Concerto for Piano, Trumpet & Strings, Shostakovich CHAN8632 James Thompson: Symphony No.2 for string orchestra and trumpet, Arthur Honegger etc. Collins 11812 John Wallace: Sir Peter Maxwell Davies trumpet concerto, etc. Scottish Chamber Orchestra Collins 12392 Robert Cook, Peter Franks: Sir Peter Maxwell Davies Strathclyde concerto no.3 for horn, trumpet & orch, (with Strathclyde concerto for clarinet & orch.) Continuum CCD 1010 Graham Ashton: Music for trumpet and organ. Clarke, Pezel, Purcell etc. Crystal Records CD 232 Richard Giangiulio/Dallas Trumpets: Music for festive occasions. Trumpet fanfares, dances, marches and wedding music - Clarke, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Purcell, Handel etc. CD 234 Richard Giangiulio/Dallas Symphony Brass: Music for ceremony and celebration. Including works by Handel, Monteverdi, Purcell and Boyce Crystal CD 512 Richard Giangiulio (tpt), Gregory Hustis (horn):, Treasures for horn and trumpet - L.Mozart, Hertel, Saint-Saens, Eccles, Beethoven & Grimm-Freres. CD 663 Anthony Plogg: 20th Century settings for trumpet. Including Hindemith's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, Halsey Stevens, Fisher Tull etc. CD665 Thomas Stevens, Trumpet: includes A New Carnival of Venice for four trumpets by Thoma Stevens as well as works by Maxwell Davies, Bernstein, Ibert and others CD 666 Richard Giangiulio: Pistons and pipes. Trumpet and organ - Handel, Fantini, Perischetti, Baldassare, Hovhaness, Grossi, Tomasi and Bellini CD 667 Thomas Stevens: with Roger Bobo (tuba), and members of the Los Angeles Brass Society CD668 David Hickman, Trumpet: works by Chances, Stevems, Bennett, Presser, Turrin, Kennan, Dello Joio and Mendez CD760 Trumpet Emeritus, Armando Ghitalla: Hummel Concerto; Albrechtsberger Concertino, Molter Concerto; Michael Haydn Trumpet in C and Suite in D for Trumpet (Anonymous) CD 960 Thomas Stevens: Philharmonic Standard Time. 10 tracks including Out of Nowhere, Body and Soul and Invitation Doyen DOY CD 007 Maurice Murphy: The lighter side of Maurice Murphy. Accompanied by the Leyland DAF Band. 16 tracks including the Stanley Black arrangement of People Doyen DOY CD 009 Adolph Herseth etc: Contrasts for trumpets. Koetsier, Plog, Escher etc. EBS 6022 Erik Schultz: Sonata, music for trumpet and piano. Stevens, Enescu, Morawetz, Goedicke and Hubeau EMI CDEMX 2271 John Wallace: Trumpet Concerto, Malcolm Arnold. Included on Arnold Wind Concertos with Clarinet No.1, Oboe, Flute Concerto No.1 and Horn No.2 Concertos. Bournmouth Sinfonietta/Norman Del Mar and Ronald Thomas EMI CDC 5 55022 2 Markus Stockhausen : New Colours of Trumpet. J.F.Fasch, B.Krol, L.Mozart, Bach. Detmolder Kammerorchester/Poppen EMI CDB 7 67391 2 Ian Balmain: Haydn Trumpet Concerto (also Claire Briggs: Mozart Horn Concertos 1-4). Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Fanfare DFCD1-010 John Cowell: Carnival of Venice. Includes Carnival of Venice (Arban), Concerto in D (Telemann), Concerto in G Minor (Handel) and Concerto in B flat (Albinoni) Gallo CD 576 Paul Falentin, trumpet: Purcell, Neruda, Scarlatti etc. Harmonia Mundi 1901029 Francis Hardy: Trumpet and organ. Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi etc. Harmonia Mundi 1901049 Jean-Luc Dasse: Concertos for trumpet. Torelli, Tartini and Albinoni Koch 3-1024-2 Trumpet and Organ at Altenberg Cathedral, Uwe Komischke (trumpet) - Albinoni, Handel, Bach, Telemann, Corelli etc. Koch 3-1025-2 Musici Bavariae Vol.II including Uwe Komischke and Erich Rinner (trumpets). Vivaldi Concerto in C for 2 trumpets etc. Koch 3-1390-2 Trumpet and Organ at Altenberg Cathedral Vol. II, Uwe Komischke (trumpet) - Corelli, Abinoni, Bach, Handel etc. Koch 311 005 H1 Trumpet Concertos, Wolfgang Basch (trumpet) and Bamberger Symphoniker - Joseph Haydn, von Reutter, Telemann and Leopold Mozart Koch 311 071 H1 Trumpet Concertos, Wolfgang Basch (trumpet) - Hummel, Gros and Hertel Koch 316 025 F1 Trumpet Music - Virtuoso, Helmut Schneidewind (trumpet): Telemann Concertos for trumpet, and strings and trumpet, violin and strings, Torelli and Vejvanovsky Marcophon: CD 903 Timofei Dokshitser (with the Orchester des Boschoi-Theaters): Rhapsody. Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), Goedicke, Glazunov, Tamberg, Nesterov and Tchaikovsky CD 904 Timofei Dokshitser (with the USSR Ministry of Defence Wind Orchestra): Concertpieces. Brandt, Gottlieb, Peskin and Gliere CD 905 Timofei Dokshitser with Olgerts Cintins (organ): Preludes. J.S.Bach CD 911 Hector Herzig: Rezital. Walther, Valentine, Telemann, Biber, Strungk and Krebs CD 916-2 Timofei Dokshitser: Poeme, Theme et Variations (Arutiunian), Concerto-Poeme in c-moll, Op.113 (Wasilenko) and Concerto in B-Dur, Op.94 (Wainberg) CD 917-2 Jean Francois Michel: Trumpet and organ. Pellegrini, Mancini, Barsanti, Corelli, Telemann, Baton and Krebs. CD 919-2 Jean-Francois Michel with Phillipe Morard (piano): Duel. Morard, Koetsier, Godel, Schynder, Mortimer, Michel and Gershwin CD 932-2 Ilia Schkolnik: Concerto-symphonie. Schelokov, Rachmaninov, Enesku, Schkolnik and Trotzuk Naxos 8.550243 Miroslav Kejmar: Famous Trumpet Concertos - Marcello Sonata for Trumpet, Strings and Harpsichord, L.Mozart Concerto in D Major, Torelli, sonata a conque No.1. Capella Istropolitana/Skvor (GBP 4.99 + p&p)) Naxos 8.553531 Niklas Eklund (baroque trumpet): The Art of the Baroque Trumpet, Vol.1. Telemann, Molter, Fasch, L.Mozart, Torelli, Purcell and Handel. The Drottingholm Baroque Ensemble (on authentic instruments)/Sparf (GBP 4.99 + p&p Nimbus 5065 John Wallace: Trumpet concertos and fanfares. Weber, Diabelli, Hummel, Altenburg etc. Nimbus 5079 John Wallace: Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Torelli, Stradella, Trumpet Music from the Italian Baroque Panton 81 1023-2 Zdenek Sedivy: Sonatas and concertos for tpt & orchestra. Torelli, Veracini, Albinoni, Fasch amd Telemann Panton 81 1215-2 Jan Slabak, Sek Vajnar, Miroslav Kejmar: Trumpet concertos. Telemann, Purcell, Fash, Torelli, Sperger and Molter Simax PSC 1088 Harry Kvebaek: Trumpet and organ. Linberg, Hovhaness, Eben and Sommersfeldt Summit: DCD 108 Nick Norton, Anthony Plog: The Colors of the Baroque. Zelenka, von Eisenbach, Molter, Philidor, Hingeston, Pezel, Vejvanovsky and Bononcini DCD 113 New York Trumpet Ensemble: Trumpets in Stride. 14 tracks by Duke Ellington, "Jelly Roll" Morton, Hoagy Carmichael, Bix Biederbecke etc. DCD 114 D.Hickman(cornet)/M. Lawrence(trombone/baritone): Golden age of brass. 11 virtuoso solos including Verdi, Tchaikovsky and Rossini DCD 115-2 Paul Hindemith Complete Brass Works. Includes Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (soloist Raymond Mase) (Double CD) 27.98 DCD 118 David Hickman: Intimate Baroque. Hertel, Telemann, Vivaldi, and J.S.Bach DCD 121 D.Hickman(cornet)/M. Lawrence(trombone/baritone): Golden age of brass, vol. II. 13 virtuoso solos DCD 145 The Naples Philharmonic. including David Hickman (trumpet), Concerto for Trumpet and Strings (Robert Planel) and David Hickman (trumpet) with Todd Wilson (organ), The Hollow Men (Vincent Persichetti) DCD 148 Raymond Mase: Trumpet in our time. Rouse, Korf, Sampson, Ketting, Wolpe, Kennan and Blacher DCD 153 Bret Jackson: Trumpet. Pierce, Bitsch, Arnold, Aroutiounian, Agafonnikov, Plog DCD 169 Trumpet Summit. Three jazz trumpet stars, Allen Vizzutti, Bobby Shew and Vince Dimartino recorded live at the 1995 International Brassfest DCD177 The Legendary Trumpet Virtuosity of Rafael Mendez Vol.1. The initial volume of a planned multiple volume set, this one focuses on early pre-Decca recordings DCD 178 Mendez Legacy. Demonstrations, clinics, interviews, Arban excercises and solo recordings of Rafael Mendez DCD 188 Allen Vizzutti: The Carnival of Venus. Out of this world variations on the Carnival of Venice plus other works by Vizzutti and Jeff Tyzik Telarc 80232 Rolf Smedvig (with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra/Ling): Trumpet concertos. Haydn, Tartini, Hummel, Torelli and Bellini _____________________________________________________________________ Back to the home page Horn Trumpet & Cornet Trombone Tuba and Euphonium Brass Ensemble Cassette Tapes